Rewind runs a Loot Council, rewarding attendance and player ability as well as length of service with the guild. Trial periods are generally 2-3 weeks but this is up to the discretion of the officers.
Raid Days are Wednesday and Thursday 20:00 ST with a non-mandatory 3rd day for spill over content in later phases.



Rewind is primarily comprised of a large core of ex-ScrubBusters and ex-Immersion players (approx. 20 of us), between us we have multiple top 10 – 15 world kills and many top 100 world kills. Most of us have been playing since release and have known each other for many years.

Some notable final tier kills of our core group are:

World 62 – Lich King
World 15 – Ragnaros
World 18 – Madness of Deathwing
World 18 – Will of the Emperor
World 16 – Grand Empress Shekzeer
World 13 – Sha of Fear
World 12 – Ra-den
World 18 – Garrosh Hellscream

We are looking for similarly minded players who want to clear content in a timely manner and be competitive in doing so. We have cleared all content so far, being one of the better guilds on our server, though we are yet to complete a full speed run in these early phases.


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